At the conclusion of each program year, the Strong Women, Strong Girls Pittsburgh community comes together to recognize the strengths and accomplishments of our volunteers. This year, we honored 220 college mentors, 54 strong leaders, and numerous community volunteers with a special Mentor Recognition Awards Event and Reception on April 21st at The Union Project.
11155089_799403823461473_3269270447482093270_oThe evening began with a social hour where attendees were able to network over light refreshments provided by Roxanne’s Catering. The mentors and guests were also invited to participate in our photobooth fun!
Several weeks prior to the event, SWSG asked for volunteers to nominate their fellow mentors who went “Above and Beyond” this program year. We also asked them to identify a mentoring team, professional mentor, and site partner that they believed were worthy of appreciation. The response was overwhelming, with multiple heartfelt responses received for a wide variety of deserving volunteers.

Full List of Award Recipients

Above & Beyond Mentor, Carlow University: Alonta Pitts
Above & Beyond Mentor, Duquesne University: Michelle Bartha
Above & Beyond Mentor, Point Park University: Tove Johnson
Above & Beyond Mentor, University of Pittsburgh: Hannah Jacobs
Above & Beyond Mentor, Carnegie Mellon University: Allyson Fox
Above & Beyond Mentor Team: BJWL Oak Hill
Above & Beyond Site Partner: Alia Pustorino, Duquesne Campus Coach
Above & Beyond Professional Mentor: Amanda Chirumbolo
SWSG Community Champion: Ronnell Perry, Site Facilitator
Above & Beyond Fellow: Brittany Obey
Chapter of the Year: Carnegie Mellon University

Congratulations to all award recipients, and thank you to all nominators.
Strong Women, Strong Girls could not exist without the work and dedication of our amazing volunteers. Thank you all so much for being a part of our team!
Special thanks to Revival Printing Company, The Union Project, Roxanne’s Catering, DLB Photography, and grlhood (thanks to generous donations from the Grlhood project, all attendees received a SWSG “I Am Strong” Tote bag). 
-Written by Hannah Yu

Please enjoy a few photos from the event:

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n1Sq6mX61tQBabQz6vYG9IBCB7-YEIouWuy41T5YPNwPhotobooth fun with our awardee’s 

Sn8owcpW8-eHc6fWYjgjuv4ZLWb0eZUFqv8o1AZ6Dk8Grateful for our Strong Leaders

DedCr6pKApT-cpKqJtoHPzNxvzq6cL3NNvsh76CpRWUStrong mentor pairs!