When Point Park University professor Amy Kier suggested that SWSG hold a workshop for her Girl Scout Troop, the college women mentors at Point Park jumped at the chance. Several of them have Amy as a professor in class and were excited to come up with a program for the girls. They held a workshop on April 11 and made a powerful impact on the troop.
Amy was struck by the experience and wrote her thanks to the mentors:

Point Park U. with Girl Scouts

Several Point Park University mentors (back) hosted a workshop for a local Girl Scout troop.

Thank you so very much for creating such a wonderful environment and event for the girls to be a part of tonight.  The car ride home was full of laughter, reflection and admiration for the leadership and kindness that you showed to them this evening.  The activities were fun and engaging and the lessons will stay with them forever.  
You each should be very proud of the women that you are!  Your character,  commitment to mentoring and positive inclusion were present tonight.  You are each amazing role models for these girls and our college community.  I hope that each of you see the beauty you possess within and continue to share yourself with the world.  The world needs more SWSG! 
Thank you again and again.  I am grateful for each of you and loved spending tonight with you!
With love and gratitude,