“If you have goose bumps or tears in your eyes, that means it’s your own personal truth” ~ Deborah Dietrich
Just think about that for a moment? How many times have words been spoken that resonate so deep within your body it almost hums? How many times have you heard, read or seen something that gave you goose pimples, raised the hairs on the back of your neck or had your eyes well up? Do you pay attention to these moments or do you allow them to pass by with little or no notice?
The next time this occurs, I challenge you to resist the urge to brush it off as “being silly” or overly sentimental. Instead,¬† pay attention to what your body’s feeling (saying). This is your soul’s attempt to bind you to it’s truth. This is your own Soul Speak.
Women especially have long since forgotten what our souls say to us. Even when it rises up in us violently – manifesting itself in abusive, broken relationships and eating disorders or more silently as fibroid tumors and sleepless nights – we still choose to ignore our souls’ pleas to be heard and continue to turn outward for truth; seeking solace outside of ourselves, instead of venturing within to that sacred place that says: rest here, you are safe, all is well, you are loved.¬†http://www.nourishing-the-soul.com/2012/03/a-new-take-on-pandoras-box/
We’ve been taught to hate ourselves, and in turn one another…¬†conditioned not to trust ourselves, indeed encouraged to entreat all manner of guidance from others…most notably men. Ladies, we cannot afford such crimes against what is in fact the Sacred Feminine. Now don’t get me wrong, I adore men. I’m married to one and am fortunate enough to be raising three that are exceptional. This is not about them however, but about us needing validation from others in lieu of searching out the wisdom within, trusting what that inner sage tells us is right and true… for YOU. Not your mother, neighbor or PTA President. Not “They or Them,” but You. This place exist in us all and is patiently waiting for a visit. Ohhh, I promise it’s worth it. The reward you ask? Dignity, Self Respect, Inspiration, Appreciation of Life and a well-spring of Creativity awaits.
You wanna be tuned in, tapped in, turned on?
You wanna be whole??
Then listen to your Soul Speak.