From Makisha Noel, SWSG mentor at Miami-Dade College-Wolfson Campus:
The mentors of the Strong Women, Strong Girls chapter at Miami-Dade College-Wolfson have decided to take it to another level. Our mission is to create cycles of mutual empowerment for women and girls. We already have the privilege of working with girls ages 8 to 10, but now we would also love to empower women on the college level. gave us the opportunity to effectuate that mission. convenes Millennials to discuss the issues most important to them, provides an opportunity to work collaboratively to propose solutions to those issues and challenges, and then invests in groups of Millennials (with both their financial and leadership resources) as they work to implement those solutions across the country.
The Wolfson Chapter submitted a proposal named Breaking Down Barriers: Empowering MDC women to make informed and healthy lifestyle decisions. This initiative is focused on women and college completion. We aim to have an ongoing Sister Circle, which will foster emotional support, build a network of professionals, and promote healthy lifestyles. We will also have 4 major events: a kick-off event, workshops, series of panel discussions/power lunch, and a BDB Run to raise awareness about these barriers and solutions! As of June 4th, we are winners! All of these combined will ensure that women are on the right track towards college completion and will impact community college graduation rates.
Now, we also have the opportunity to receive $1,000!…But only if we get the most votes on our 1-minute video describing our initiative. Please vote! This will greatly help our mission, and Miami-Dade College women’s graduation would be a sure success! The voting period is from June 11th to June 22nd. Click here to place your vote now!

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