In January, SWSG mentors went through their second full-day of training with SWSG for the school year. When you gather over 100 SWSG mentors and volunteers from around the community, you can imagine that there are always many SPARKS! Here are some highlights from each city: 

South Florida

SFLtraining“Mentors were engaged in peer-training throughout the day.
From training one another about Jump into Spring mentor expectations to discussing how homelessness impacts girls in their schools with one another, mentors talked with one another more this year than ever. This was a year of sharing strategy, idea swapping and bonding!”
Adele Coble, Program Manager


PGHtraining“Spring training took place at the University of Pittsburgh in the William Pitt Union and the Cathedral of Learning. It was an awesome day filled with different workshops, fun team building activities, and networking.
One particular workshop that the mentors enjoyed was “Entry-Level Management”.  In this course, mentors learned how their roles in SWSG correlate to positions in entry-level management as well as understanding various levels of leadership in corporate and non-profit establishments. The mentors were asked to bring their resumes to learn how they can articulate and write about their experience with SWSG.  They also learned how to prepare a mock resume entry detailing their roles.
The mentors loved the workshop and wished, there was more time for conversation.  After training the mentors were well prepared and ready for the start of spring programming, which began on Tuesday January 22, 2013.
Strong Women, Strong Girls Pittsburgh are looking forward to an awesome and exciting new semester!”
Jaquala Lowery, Adult Volunteer Coordinator Intern


michellecove“At 9 a.m. on Saturday, February 2, 2013, over two hundred strong women flooded into the beautiful Harvard College Student Organization Center at Hilles for SWSG’s Boston Spring Training. The main hall buzzed with excitement as Mentors, Leadership Coaches, and Site Monitors settled into the morning with delicious bagels, coffee, and the three SWSG C’s of the day: Capable, Connecting, and  Contributing.
A highlight of the day was author/documentary filmmaker Michelle Cove’s workshop “Playing with Purpose,” where new and old mentors learned how to break out of their comfort zone and positively engage their girls through active games.  Michelle had college women do everything from jump like a bunny to mime passing a stinky diaper.  The hour ended with fits of laughter and a renewed sense of female empowerment.
As the day came to close, mentors had new friends and a new toolbox to help them inspire and learn from their girls. Strong Women, Strong Girls Boston couldn’t be prouder of this semester’s mentors and wishes them the best of luck!”
Louisa Glor, Program Operations Intern