“In every moment, something sacred is at stake.”
~ Rev. Ed Bacon
I surrender to all that ever was, is, and will be… I surrender to the Now.
I’ve worried about the world coming completely, utterly, undone before my children have had a chance to grow up, indeed before I’ve had a chance to “grow up!” As a result, I’ve spent an exorbitant amount of precious time obsessing over things that I haven’t any control, and about decisions I’ve made in the past wondering if only… I’ve thought, when the kids are all in school, when we make more money, when I lose 10lbs…
I moved through my days “Multitasking,” yet never going forward.

“I give up!” I’d often say to myself as I fought against the current of my life.
My contemporary exclamation? “I surrender!”
I make necessary adjustments while going with the current of life so I can more effectively deal with what is instead of fighting against what if , and I hope.
I didn’t understand the past is just that, past. I can’t un-happen any of it, that when it was happening it was in the present moment. I didn’t understand that the future, when it occurs, it will occur in the present moment…
I consciously choose to be here in this very instant, instead of focusing my energy in the past or future. Even as I type this I have to resist the urge to make a phone call, check my messages, or pick a hang nail. By practicing this I have little time for regrets because I’m actively engaged physically and mentally in the now.
Eckart Tolle has a book about this titled The Power of Now.
As a busy mother, wife and citizen of the world it’s imperative I learn the art of Surrendering. I don’t mean giving up on life, but giving IN to it. Learning to not push back, but to go with the flow.
For all you overachievers, doing this means relinquishing your little red cape that you don every morning, tucked nicely into your Ann Taylor trousers.
Surrendering requires no superhuman abilities, only the willingness to just ‘Be.’ I challenge you to consider what you’re doing right now worthy of your undivided attention, to step back, surrendering yourself to the wonder of life in all its beautiful (and sometimes mundane) imperfection.