Boston-based Development and Communications Intern Rebecca Ahmed tell us why SWSG celebrates the powerful legacy of Strong Women this Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day. Scroll down to read how SWSG’s Boston-area college chapters recognize this special month.
The arrival of March not only means that Spring is right around the corner, but also marks Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, March 8th. Here at Strong Women Strong Girls (SWSG), we are getting ready to celebrate! Although SWSG celebrates women on a daily basis, Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day (IWD), are marked on our calendars as a special time, and women all over the world will be celebrating it. By celebrating women, it gives both women and men, the opportunity to look back upon and appreciate the great achievements that iconic women have made throughout history and in today’s society. This is a time to uphold and preserve women’s achievements, overcome challenges, and continue empowering the women and girls of our generation and generations to come–all of which we here at SWSG are committed to doing.

College mentor Amanda and Junior Mentor Nori share a laugh at a recent SWSG session. Credit: Steve Sosemwenkhae.

College mentor Amanda and Junior Mentor Nori share a laugh at a recent SWSG session in Boston. Credit: Steve Sosemwenkhae.

Women’s History Monthis an annually recognized month that is dedicated to shining light upon and paying tribute to the immeasurable contributions women have made in our society and throughout history. The first International Women’s Day, held in 1911, was created to celebrate the socio-economic and political achievements of women as they called for gender equality and a society liberated from violence and discrimination. The UN declared this year’s International Women’s Day theme Make it Happen. With that spirit in mind, SWSG girls and women join communities around the world in promoting the legacy of women.
Many events occur every year in light of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month. In recent years, numerous organizations, charities, schools, and even the media have dedicated time to the recognition of International Women’s Day. SWSG celebrates Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day because it represents our mission and what we strive to accomplish here at SWSG on a daily basis. We are here to inspire and be inspired by our mentors, volunteers, and the girls we work with. SWSG continues to grow with more college chapters, college mentors, adult volunteers, girls, and community partners.
By recognizing women’s achievements and informing young girls about women who have made a difference in our society, SWSG hopes to spark the minds of the young girls we work with in order to encourage them. At the same time, mentors let girls know that being a girl is something to take pride in. SWSG is committed to working with and building strong relationships between college women and young girls in order to provide these girls with the tools they need to blossom into women they can be proud of—women who are strong, confident, and compassionate. What will you make happen this month?
Happening around Boston:
Mentors at our Boston-area college chapters have planned a powerful month of events. Here’s a sample of what’s going on:
Breaking the Glass Ceiling at NU: Northeastern University undergraduates and professional mentors networked, discussed career areas, and delved into unique opportunities like fellowships and study abroad.

College Week at Simmons College: Mentors participated in a training around the intersection of race and gender during Simmons College’s women-centric College Week.
Women’s Week at UMass Boston: From March 23-27, UMass Boston mentors will bring the legacies of Strong Women to campus by hosting an event each day that highlights their stories and expertise. From a Julia Child-themed Multicultural Food Festival to an Open Mic Night with Missy Elliot and Queen Latifah, this week promises something for everyone.