img_0445 From left to right: Amalia, 8th grader, and Tori, who graduated from Simmons College in 2015, pose together during a Simmons College SWSG Chapter field trip.
On December 3rd, SWSG Boston Program Manager Sarah Kacevich attended the Simmons College Chapter’s field trip on campus. Our team invited Tori Glover– a former SWSG girl around 2002-2004, former Simmons College mentor, and current Strong Leader– to help out with the day. Sarah was delighted to observe some really unique interactions between two participants.
Whenever girls and mentors met Tori, they were inspired by her story of growing up through the SWSG program. At one point, Tori got the chance to re-connect with Amalia, an 8th grade Junior Mentor who’s currently in her 3rd year in the near-peer mentoring role. Tori, Amalia, and Sarah caught up on SWSG, school, and more.
It was a special moment of connection among two young women who are of different ages and life stages, yet share a common tie— that of being alumnae of SWSG’s program who have stayed involved and are contributing their unique presence SWSG today.
By staying involved, alumnae not only continue to contribute to SWSG, but also reap the empowering benefits of long-term engagement in our community of strong, supportive women.
To Tori, Amalia, and all the other alumnae— whether a former girl, and former mentor, a former Strong Leader, a current Junior Mentor, or some combination– you inspire us!

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