On behalf of the SWSG Community, we’re thrilled to welcome Haviva Kohl, SWSG’s new President, as she starts her first day today!
Over the next several weeks, Haviva will be getting to know our communities in Boston, Pittsburgh, and South Florida. We thought you might want to learn more about her too, so we’re sharing with you fun facts about our new SWSG President!
Here is Haviva in her own words:
1. I was the first in my entire family to attend and graduate college.
2. My two most commonly used phrases are “make it happen” and “it is possible.”
3. My approach to life is “pay it forward.”  There have been many people in my personal and professional journey that have shared wisdom and lessons learned that have helped me become who I am.  I deeply value these experiences and people, and forge ahead with the same spirit.
Be sure to check out the website tomorrow when we’ll reveal two more inspirational facts about Haviva!