Yesterday we officially welcomed Haviva Kohl on her first day as the new President of Strong Women, Strong Girls. As promised, we’re sharing two more fun facts about Haviva!
Here is Haviva in her own words:
4. My greatest inspiration, teacher and role model is my mother.  For 36 years she stood on her feet six days a week, 40+ hours, as a supermarket clerk to pay the bills and make sure my siblings and I had the opportunities that she did not. For this reason, I take nothing for granted, and always work hard to bring the opportunities that were given to me, to others.
5. Prior to entering graduate school, I approached a fork in the road.  My passion to improve the world was caught between the constraint of what is expected of me in the traditional career context and the resources to do so.  One day I was traveling on a train and began talking to a stranger sitting next to me.  I shared with her my conundrum and she shared with me some wisdom that I have carried quietly throughout my journey: “When you decide, you will figure out how, but until you decide, you will talk about if.” She told me that I needed to follow my North Star and stick to my convictions and persevere through tough times, because in the end, things work themselves out as long as I do not give up.  I pass this story along to everyone that finds themselves at the fork in the road.
We hope you have enjoyed getting to know Haviva, and join us in welcoming her to SWSG!