“Never before have there been more opportunities for women to make change.”
Last Thursday, December 8th, the Strong Women, Strong Girls team attended the 2011 Massachusetts Conference for Women. This conference celebrated exactly that: there have never been more opportunities for women to make change, the words of a panelist at a seminar called “How to Impact Change: Real World Advice for How You Can Influence and Make a Difference.”
The Conference was a day of community and thought-provoking speeches and seminars. From career development seminars on “Taking the Lead” to a program for young women on “Finding Your Passion,” the Conference provided a wide range of developmental opportunities for over 7,000 women. Among the many inspiring keynote speakers were: Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project, former Olympic track athlete Marion Jones, and Oprah Magazine columnist Martha Beck.
To fully embrace the spirit of the conference, the SWSG team asked attendees, “What makes you a strong woman?” Check out our video, which includes an appearance by Jane Swift, the first woman Governor of Massachusetts:

Though there are still plenty of strides to be made, the MA Conference for Women is a day of celebration and motivation for women who are making change, and this video highlights just a few of them. So, what makes YOU a strong woman??