It is important that we continue to celebrate, in all forms, the many successes of women and girls– and there are many. There are countless successes, in fact. An important first step in this process is to recognize our individual successes. That’s right– celebrate your self! In my orientation as a summer intern at SWSG Boston, one of the activities we did was write down three things that make us strong, hang them up on the wall, and share them with the group.  This caught me off guard. “Write down what I am good at?” I thought, “and then share what I’m good at with the group?”
I quickly realized how problematic my gut reaction was. Why shouldn’t I talk about three things that I am good at? I am a strong woman after all. As women, we are socialized to put others before ourselves, to downplay our successes. Instead, we need to celebrate our individual successes, passions, feelings, thoughts, and abilities.
“Here it goes,” I told myself. “I am patient. I am outgoing. And I am a good public speaker.” It wasn’t so hard after all. Sharing that with my peers was a powerful experience, one that I have since encouraged others to participate in. So now, I put this challenge now to you: What are three things that make you strong? Remember them! Share them! Celebrate them!