Happy Volunteer Appreciation week! 



Thank you to all our Strong Leader volunteers. We could not do this work without your mentorship and support! We appreciate each and every one of you, thank you for helping us with another successful year at Strong Women Strong Girls! We know that being a mentor takes a lot of time and energy, we are grateful for your volunteerism that is making a lasting impact on the next generation of women and girls. 

In the 2022-2023 program year here in Pittsburgh:

550 elementary school girls were mentored by over 285 college women in our program so far this year

124 Strong Leaders and 84 one-on-one matches with college women


Additionally, Role Models in Residence was a huge success for the girls in our program again this year – 8 Role Model volunteers served over 150 girls at 9 different program sites! 

We also just wrapped up our College Field trips! Each year the elementary school girls are given the opportunity to visit one of our University partners. This year volunteers from FedEx did a table activity at Pitt; Eaton volunteers did activities with girls at Duquesne; Knichel Logistics went to Point Park University; and three Strong Leaders helped girls build bridges at Carlow!

We had two successful mentor training days – Thank you to those who helped in the Fall and Spring! 

Another big thank you to our volunteers at American Eagle. The girls were lucky enough to visit AEO headquarters for an exciting evening of activities and mentoring!

Finally, we piloted the Cross-City Strong Leader Committee! Thank you to the following Pittsburgh volunteers who have helped get this new Committee going and for putting on our first SL Committee Happy Hour: 

Sheila Weatherly

Dana LaMancusa

Brigit Stack

Neeka Filippi

Susan Jackson

Stephanie Schmader

Tracy Johnston

Tammy Graybill

Jamie Feldman

Melissa Jones